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Burned My Mouth

So I decided that I and my best friend, Tracy, needed to get away from life for a bit and so we went out to lunch together. That is great, we decide to go to Applebee’s because I wanted some fried cheese.

We get to the restaurant, get seated, and our waitress comes to see us and we order our drinks and I got my fried cheese ordered, Yeah!! So about 20-30 minutes goes by and still no fried cheese. Finally it gets there, we eat.  Another 15-20 minutes goes by then our waitress came and took our order.

Now, I must make a side note here, I am a VERY, VERY picky eater and am very specific about what I get on my plate. I read the food choices and chose a good meal-grilled shrimp with island rice. Nothing noted on anything other than those two things-PERFECT!

She takes our orders, 30 or 40 minutes goes by and our food finally gets there. Well, lo and behold, my shrimp has some sort of glazed sauce on it. Okay, I will deal, right, it is grilled shrimp, nothing was mentioned about the sauce on top of it in the menu, how bad is it…probably just a sweet glaze to add to the taste…

Well I get the first shrimp off the skewer and cut the tail off then took the bite…OMG! I about puked with the flavor of the sauce…it tasted like some sort of Cajun seasoning-I DON’T DO CAJUN! I force myself to hold my stomach and eat that piece of shrimp.

Now my mouth is on fire…I am guzzling down a glass of Pepsi to stop the fire that is igniting in my mouth from the sauce. Tracy looks at me and gets this look on her face. I say, “They have some kind of hot seasoning on this shrimp.” I said it tasted like some sort of Cajun seasoning and my mouth is on fire…I am imagining smoke ensuing from my ears like the old cartoons of Elmer Fudd.

So Tracy, being the ever wonderful best friend that she is, takes one and tries it. She agrees with me on the flavor it is a spicy sauce.

I push the plate away because now I am sick to my stomach. I said, “I am not eating this crap.” She said to ask for the manager or order something else. I said I just wanted another glass of Pepsi to try and kill the inferno in my mouth.

The waitress comes back around and asks if there is a problem. So I proceed to tell her there is a spicy sauce on my shrimp and I ordered my food with the expectations of what the menu said-grilled shrimp and island rice. So she asks if she could get me something else. I say no I will just not eat anything else. So she sends the manager to our table.

Then the manager comes over and apologizes and offers to bring me something else because I came to the restaurant to eat and not leave hungry. I said I was fine I had the fried cheese and she offered some grilled shrimp with nothing on it, I said that is what I thought I was getting…so I say yes and asked for the other glass of Pepsi that I still have not received-I swear my tongue has to have burned completely away from the fire in my mouth by now.

So a few minutes later I get my Pepsi and she brings me some grilled shrimp with nothing on it and some more rice. I take one bite from the shrimp and look at Tracy and say, “I cannot eat this, I have lost my appetite.” So I wind up taking the shrimp and rice home with me.

Well on a good note, after the two hours or more of being at the restaurant (it seemed), my bill that should have been around $20 bucks was only $8. Coolness.

Now, as I end this blog for the night, Dear Bloggites, I am glad to report the inferno that burned my tongue off is out and I can feel the tongue again…thank God for small favors!

~4-Ever, P


I'm just a goofy outdoor chick who loves to go through life laughing, dancing, writing, and reading books! :-D

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