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Cancer Scare

WARNING DISCLAIMER: Gory personal information! 🙂

Hello, Dear Bloggites, long time no blog. Well lots of stuff has been going on in my UberGoofy World of P. The latest of these challenges was the Cancer Scare. I have been bleeding constantly for a year and I finally went to see my doctor (yes I know what you are thinking, ‘why wait a year?’ well probably simply because I tend to disregard issues with my health way too much for way too long).

Well he took some blood tests and informed me he thinks I have this ultra-rare form of Cancer called Uterine Sarcoma. He did a biopsy of the uterus and then put me on a strong cancer pill that is only prescribed to advanced Cancer patients. So after a week of wondering if I had Cancer, I finally received the news from my doc that the biopsy was negative, however, this form of Cancer could be growing on the smooth walls of my muscles behind the uterus…hence, even if the biopsy was negative I could still have it.

He scheduled me for an emergency hysterectomy to remove my uterus and possibly my ovaries as well (can we say ‘Hello Menopause!’?). I was excited about the hysterectomy because I do not plan on having any more children and it would stop the bleeding to death.

The surgery was a week ago this past Monday and I am recovering well. Doc says my uterus was extremely enlarged and full of blood (yummy). He said the pathology department will test it to see what caused the issues but good news, there were no signs of Cancer in my muscle walls (YEAH!!!).

So I am out for 8 weeks because it will take my body that long to heal so, yet again, I cannot dance yet. I have not danced since last December and it is killing me!!!! I hate not being at the studio and dancing with my wonderful teacher. It will happen though, I refuse to give it up.

~4-Ever, P