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Hello, Dear Bloggites (if there are any out there :D)! I am just loving life and making adjustments to the new changes taking place. Yesterday I started back in school. I started this journey several years ago and have been detoured until now because of health issues. Well the health issues are no more, Thank God! 🙂

As I was posting in class I noticed my favorite tag line that I have as my signature. The tag line is this: Life should be a journey where you skid in sideways, cheesecake in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming “WHOO HOOO, what a ride!”.

Now mind you, I take pride in living life just like that but was detoured on my journey for several years. Now the detour is finished and my wild ride is once again starting.

As you go through life, make sure to remember to enjoy the journey and if you do not have the war stories and scars to prove the fun, you are not enjoying life to the best of your abilities. 😉

~4-Ever, P


I'm just a goofy outdoor chick who loves to go through life laughing, dancing, writing, and reading books! :-D

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