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One Great City (with Jonah Keri)

Good Times

~4-Ever, P

Goin' To The John

Up above us all
Leaning into sky
A golden business boy
Will watch the north end die
And sing “I love this town”
Then let his arching wrecking ball proclaim
I hate Winnipeg
– The Weakerthans, “One Great City”

Ok, this entry is not about Winnipeg.  But it is partially about Montreal, and a little bit about Dallas.  It is about cities, and about people, and about sports – and especially how the latter ties the three together in a knot that only a schizoid puppy knows how to untangle.

Imagine for a moment that your favorite team – your hometown team – moved.  As in packed their bags and went elsewhere, establishing a new team name in a new city, thus eschewing all history previously accumulated.  There are examples of this in many of the professional sports leagues of North America, but for the purpose of this entry, and…

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