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What a Wonderful World…

How many of you, Dear Bloggites, have heard this song?

Now, how many of you have really HEARD this song? Do you listen to it and say, “Yeah, it is a wonderful world!” or do you say, “Huh?”

This song in a nutshell is just appreciating the life you live and the world around you…celebrating the little things, because if it was not for the little things, the world would be a sorry place.

The beauty of the world around you and the people who pass you by should be noticed if only to say, “You are someone to me.”  Everyone wants to be appreciated for who they are and they deserve it!

This world of yours is what you make of it.  You can walk on by and never notice the “trees of green…red roses, too” or you can stop and say, “How do you do?”  Whatever you choose to do will cause a ripple effect to the rest of the world around you.  This ripple effect, like a small pebble being thrown into a calm lake, will expand out further and further affecting all who are touched by it.

How amazing you could be if only you “see friends shaking hands” and think to yourself, “What a Wonderful World!”


~4-Ever, P

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Book Review: Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

TLeaving Time by Jodi Picoulthis book review is on the first book I read for the book club I started going to in town.  It is called “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult.  Now, I have to give you a disclaimer on my view of the author.  I believe that she is the Steven Seagal of the literary world.  Meaning, all or most (since I have not read every one of her books) ‘preach’ on whatever current advocacy group she is rallying for.  In this instance with the book, it is elephants.

The book is about a young girl, Jenna, who partners with a psychic, Serenity, and retired detective, Virgil, in the search of what happened to her mom many years ago on a night that a murder and the mom’s disappearance occurred.  It is written in the first person format which I personally do not enjoy, but many do.  Jodi Picoult dedicates each chapter from one character’s point of view throughout the book: it may be Jenna’s view in one chapter, then Virgil’s view in another, etc.

The book teaches you a lot about elephants and their lifestyle, specifically on the grieving process.  The book compares how humans and elephants grieve differently and also how the maternal instinct in an elephant is similar to that of most humans.  I love learning new things and so this did not bother me, but some do not like to feel they are being ‘taught a lesson’ when trying to enjoy a book.  That is not me, teach away, dear author!

The book has the type of plot twists I like and enjoy reading.  It makes you constantly question who actually committed the murder and who actually died many years ago at the time of the disappearance.  It also makes you question who is living and who is dead throughout the book based on the way the author wrote the book.  I love plot twists and endings that make me go, “WHAT!?”

Many of the characters in the book seemed to be an afterthought to me, as if the author was writing them in to get to the next point she wanted to write about.  Now, I like a book that makes me get emotionally attached to each character, because it is after all the characters who make up the entire story, so this aspect of the book left me wanting more.

The book kept my interest throughout until about 7/8 of the way through.  Then, it seemed that the rest of the book was rushed, as if the author had a deadline to make and was pushing the envelope.  I personally feel that books and the characters inside evolve during the writing process and seem to write their own ending.  Rushing through an ending seems wrong on so many levels to me.

Overall, Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult was a nice read and I give it 3 out of 5 bookmarks (my version of stars) and do recommend it to people who want an entertaining learning experience.

~ 4-Ever, P

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Book Review: Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff Jones

My last blog was about the new book club I joined and how I was going to jot down my thoughts and opinions on the different books we read each month.  I am going to add an addendum to that statement.  I will also, on occasion, blog on books I really, really think you should read.

Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff JonesMy first book I am going to highly recommend is from a new up and coming star in the world of authors.  His name is Cliff Jones and I am so very privileged to have him as a friend.  He just published his first book back in February, 2015.  The book is called “Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land” and it is based on the marriage of our world and media news.  The story follows an online journalist as he travels into ‘hostile’ territory in search of a story.

I give Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff Jones 4 out of 5 Bookmarks!  I read the book and I have the link above for you to go and purchase this book available as an eReader from Kindle.  I believe in supporting new up and coming authors as well as great books and this book is representative of both.  Click the link above, download the book, and happy reading, Dear Bloggites! 

~4-Ever, P

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Books: The difference between a Neanderthal and a Reader

I love to read.  I really, really do!

I stand here before you: My Friends; My Co-Workers; My Constant Followers 😉 if there are any of you out there); and Book Readers alike, making a confession that I am a Closet Nerd.

Closet Nerd-my definition that always gives me a giggle-merely means I love to learn and read!

I have been an avid reader from the first of my memories in life. I always have a book near me that I am reading, be it for pleasure, work, or education, I am always reading SOMETHING.

I have had a desire to join a local book club that I can go and discuss a variety of written works with people that have a strong passion and opinion about the books they read.  Today, I found that club. 😀

When I was asked to share why I decided to visit their club, I summed up my reason in a simple sentence, “I have always desired to be a part of a book club and realized aside from a couple or three people in my life, my friends are Neanderthals.”

Now, before all of you get tied up in a fit thinking I am calling you stupid or somesuch thoughts, I am using Neanderthal as my word of choice for non-readers versus readers.

Those who do not like to read, have a hard time reading, or just flat out find it boring (EGAD! I know, but THOSE people exist!), and have no desire to expand their horizons into the world of books are what I call Neanderthals.

Those who do like to read, no matter what challenges they may face (slow reading speed, struggling with the author’s style of writing, etc.), have a desire to expand their horizons into the world of books and I call them Readers.

There is nothing wrong with being a Neanderthal in regards to reading books. I don’t understand your world, but you are a part of mine.

As I continue to expand my horizons with this book club I have been welcomed into, I will give you, My Constant Follower, thoughts on each book and whether I recommend them or not for you to read.

Books are Amazing Things!  I hope you make a choice in regards to reading books, because that choice defines you as a person.

Which do you choose to be: a Neanderthal or a Reader?

~4-Ever, P