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Book Review: Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

“Bad things are like waves. They’re going to happen to you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. They’re part of life, like waves are part of the ocean. If you’re standing on the shoreline, you don’t know when the waves are coming. But they’ll come. You gotta make sure you get back to the surface, after every wave. That’s all.” ~Phyllis, Look Again

Look Again by Lisa ScottolineHello, Dear Bloggites! It’s me again. 🙂 July’s book club book for the month is Look Again by Lisa Scottoline. I just finished the book last night in preparation for the next book club meeting on July 10, 2015 (Yes-I am an overachiever on most things I do).

This is my first Lisa Scottoline novel I have read and so I did not know what to expect. The story line was also not my normal optional reads (this is the greatness of being a member of a book club). The story is about a single mother, Ellen Gleeson, who is raising her adopted son, Will. Ellen is a newspaper reporter and always wants to get to the bottom of any story that presents itself in her life.

This is where the challenging journey begins for Ellen. She received a missing child advertisement of a boy who looks identical to her adopted son. Not being able to dismiss the eerie similarities between her son and the missing boy, Ellen sets out on a personal mission to find the mother of her son that was listed on her adoption papers and get to the bottom of who her son really is.

Throughout the story, you will journey with Ellen and hear about many unusual deaths associate with all the people involved in her adoption. These deaths would create a new dead end and put Ellen right back at the beginning on what to do next.

I read this book in I’d say three or four sittings. I was intrigued from the beginning, but at times I would catch myself getting distracted from the storyline. No negative reflection on the writer, Lisa Scottoline, it was more of me being used to my normal edge of the seat thrillers I love to read.

The setting of the book is in Philadelphia, PA (my Father’s family’s hometown) and also takes you into Florida on the journey to find out who Will really is. The author does a wonderful job at describing each character in her book, she gives enough background for each character, sometimes too much which kept me from utilizing my imagination as much I could have.

For anyone who has loved and lost, they will connect with the characters in this book. For anyone who has felt deceived, they will connect with the characters in this book. Anyone who has experienced the love of a child will feel complete and utter empathy for Ellen and the challenges she faces with the worry that her son might be this missing child. I do recommend this book to those who enjoy the occasional mystery.

I give Look Again 4 out of 5 Bookmarks.  Happy Reading, Dear Bloggites! 😀

~4-Ever, P


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

    1. The book club meets at the Burleson Public Library the second Friday of each month from 10:30am-11:30am. The next meeting is on July 10th. There is a second book club that meets on Monday nights but they read more non-fiction whereas the Friday club reads mostly fiction. Here is the link for both clubs: The one I go to is the second one listed (I believe). There is a link to download the e-reader for Look Again as well. P

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