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You Don’t Know Me, You Know OF Me…

“Ogres are like onions.  Onions have layers.  Ogres have layers…You get it?  We both have layers.” ~Shrek

People are like Ogres, we all have layers to our true selves.  A friend of mine, many years ago, made a statement to me when I said, “Trust me, I know you.”  She looked at me and said, “You don’t know me, you know Of me.” and I got it.  I agreed.  Each person in our lives see the person you are that matches best with their personality and interests.  It is not fake, at least for most, it is just a layer of their true essence.

I am a perfect example of being like an Ogre.  There are so many layers to my interests, I can find something in common with any person I come into contact with.  My Bestie always accuses me of changing who I am when it comes to men I am interested in.  I see why she says that, however, the man of the hour is going to see that part of me that shares similar interests.  Not fake, not changing me, just being another layer of me.  I do it with everyone, men, women, children, co-workers, friends, family, and strangers.  I am not afraid to expose my layers if it will bring some happiness, no matter how brief, into someone’s life.

After hearing the statement, “You don’t know me, you know of me,” I have kind of made it my mantra to those that like to think they truly know me.  Half the time, I wonder if I truly know myself, Dear Bloggites, let alone having someone else truly know me…LOL

I am a people person.  I have been told many times that there is just something about me that attracts all walks of life to me wherever I go.  I don’t get it, but I cannot disagree.  I love to people watch and I love to hear everyone’s story.  I love to validate that person’s life for the brief moment I get to share with them because in the end, that is all we want.  To be validated.  To believe that someone believes our life matters, to be a witness to our life we live.

People love to feel they belong and that they are thought of when they are not around.  Most people go through life without truly feeling that validation to their existence, and it hurts my heart.  Every life is precious.  Every story has meaning.  Every layer matters.

Embrace your UberOgre inside and be proud of those layers to your life.  It brings joy, not only to those you interact with, but to your true self.  If you have something you always wanted to try, do it.  Build those layers in your life because it will only make you richer.

~4-Ever, P


I'm just a goofy outdoor chick who loves to go through life laughing, dancing, writing, and reading books! :-D

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