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Book Review: Crow Hollow by Michael Wallace

“There are no Christians in war.” ~Michael Wallace, Crow Hollow

I am not really one for historical novels, so when I come across one that I truly enjoy, it always comes as a surprise Crow Hollow by Michael Wallaceto me. 😀  This book review is about Crow Hollow by Michael Wallace.  This was a book I would not give a second thought to reading except for the fact that it is this month’s book of choice by the book club I am a member of (thank goodness they get me out of my own way).

Crow Hollow is a bit of a historical romance with a twist of intrigue.  I love novels with intrigue.  The story follows James and Prudence on a journey into Indian Territory when the Americas were first created and during the height of the different wars between the settlers and Indians.  The purpose of each character to travel into Indian Territory are completely different.  James works for the King of England and is on a quest to find out what really caused the war between the Indians and settlers at Crow Hollow.  Prudence, or Prudie as James calls her, is determined to find her daughter that was left with the Nipmuk Indians while she was freed by the Indians.

As the two travelers are forced to face harsh weather while on the run from some very bad settlers, they begin to understand each other better.  Prudence is realizing that James is a man who cares deeply for country and countrymen and the betterment of both, while James is learning that Prudie is a woman who has more strength than he ever dreamed she would have.

Michael Wallace did a good job with building up the suspense in the novel, Crow Hollow.  The novel starts off slow and then begins to pick up pace once the travelers leave Boston and begin their journey to the territories.  Crow Hollow is written in the third person voice, which makes me ecstatic, as you, Dear Bloggites, know.

The author did a good job of capturing the essence of the times with the characters and settings throughout the book.  You are not on an emotional roller coaster, but you do find yourself invested in the characters by the end of the book.

Crow Hollow by Michael Wallace is a slow-paced read full of intrigue and a little romance.  The reader will find themselves in anticipation of the next challenge faced by the main characters while wanting the journey to end on a happy note.  You won’t know, unless you read the book, how it actually ended.  Did they both survive?  Did Prudie find her daughter?  Was James able to solve the riddle of what truly happened at Crow Hollow?

I give Crow Hollow by Michael Wallace 4 out of 5 Bookmarks.  If you enjoy intrigue, romance, or historical pieces in your reading material, you will enjoy this book.

Happy Reading, Dear Bloggites!

~4-Ever, P


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