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#BloggiteBits-Imagine M.O.R.E.

Imagine M.O.R.E.: Meaningful encounters, Optimal communication, Reaction impaction, Extraordinary relationships

#BloggiteBits-Imagine More
Imagine M.O.R.E.

We all desire to be the person that can walk into a room and carry on a conversation with whomever you walk by.  Not just the standard fluff of weather talk, but an actual conversation that helps each person feel connect for a short time with the person they are talking with.  I believe everyone is capable of doing this with some simple things to keep in mind.  In this installment of the ABCs of encouragement with the #BloggiteBits Campaign, I want you to Imagine M.O.R.E. for yourself when it comes to conversations and the gift of gab:  Meaningful encounters, Optimal communication, Reaction impaction, & Extraordinary relationships.

Meaningful encounters: When you engage in meaningful encounters with others, you find more satisfaction from just a regular passing conversation and it will help you imagine more levels of communication than just the one you are used to.  Engaging others with conversations that are about a topic or topics near and dear to you or those takes that conversation to a higher plane on the communication grid.  When you come into contact with someone, ask a few simple questions to get an understanding of where the person is at and what they hold dear to them.  If they tell you a topic you know, GREAT; begin to engage in a great give and take conversation.  If they tell you about a topic you are unfamiliar with, GREAT; ask them questions.  Allow them to share their passion for that topic.  This will open them up to you and make them feel validated as a person with thoughts and you will feel more open just by seeing how their inner fire is ignited on a topic they are passionate about.

Optimal communication: Did you know that communication has different levels: boring, tolerable, okay, good, and optimal.  Yes, I made these levels up, but they help me imagine more on the communication grid.  These levels are real to me and all levels are obtainable when I am communicating with others.  Optimal communication is when the passion is ignited within you and the person you are talking with about a topic or topics.  Think about when you are talking to someone.  How would you rate the last conversation you had with someone?  Was it a conversation you were fully engaged in or was it so boring that you really do not even remember what you talked about?  When you find a common ground with someone on a topic or topics, you will become more interested in what the person is saying to you and when the topic is something you are passionate about, you become fully engaged in the conversation.  This is how optimal communication is achieved.  Find common ground topics to discuss each time you have an opportunity to carry on a conversation, it will bring your conversation to a higher plane.

Reaction impaction: I love this simple phrase: reaction impaction.  In order to imagine more on your communication grid, you need to become aware of the reaction impaction you and the person you are talking to have during the conversation.  A reaction impaction is what happens when you do not guard your facial expressions as well as your instinctive words of defense if you are in an uncomfortable conversation.  To bring your communication to a higher plane with others, start to become aware of how you are feeling and what you are thinking when listening to someone.  Your thoughts and feelings do show on your face even if you do not realize it and if the reaction impaction is positive then the person will become more engaged in the conversation with you, however, if the reaction impaction is neutral or negative, the person will become uncomfortable with the conversation and will quickly look to end it or find a different topic to discuss.  Negative reaction impactions leave bad tastes in a person’s mouth as well as may affect their outlook for the rest of the day.  Positive reaction impaction leaves a happy feeling and will also affect a person’s outlook for the rest of the day, but in a good way.

Extraordinary relationships: We all would love to experience an extraordinary relationship at least once in our life.  Having an extraordinary relationship with others is dependent upon you imagining more when you encounter them.  Extraordinary relationships take work and practice to obtain in your life.  If you are aware of how you are communicating with others and make it a point to leave the people feeling excited and fulfilled after a conversation with you, you will begin to cultivate extraordinary relationships one person at a time.  Cultivating relationships by always striving to take your communication to a higher plane will help you feel as if you are impacting the people you come into contact with on a daily basis.  Not only will you help others feel better and help improve their daily outlook, you will also see, by cultivating extraordinary relationships, that your daily outlook is also experiencing positive results.

~4-Ever, P


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