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Book Review: All Of Us Were Sophie by Resa Nelson

What if human cloning became mainstream?  How would you feel if this became reality?

All of Us were Sophie by Resa NelsonThis book review is on a science fiction / murder mystery novel called All of Us were Sophie by Resa Nelson.  I was honored to receive an email request by the author asking me to read her book and provide some feedback.  She gifted me a copy of the novel after I accepted because I am always willing to help a fellow writer out.

What I found in this book was something unusual for a sci-fi novel.  Resa Nelson figured out the formula to interweave sci-fi with murder mystery and that formula resulted in the successful writing of All of Us were Sophie.  The book is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The premise of the story is about a woman, Sophie Rippetoe, who finds herself targeted for assassination.  Sophie realizes her only way to survive is to use the duplicator she and her husband, Jack Cumberbatch, created.  They only knew it would duplicate inanimate objects, but Sophie had to take the risk of cloning herself to figure out who was targeting her and put a stop to it as well as ensure one of her clones, thus her, survived to live and carry on in life.

You may think I gave away the whole novel, but you find out all of this within the first few paragraphs.  The rest of the novel rolls out into an intriguing maze of ‘whodunit’ and ‘will she survive’ and every twist and turn faced by Sophie, you were right there rooting her along the way.  The storyline does run steady throughout the novel and the only real critique is a section of the novel that seemed to get lost in the maze with the writing, but it quickly gets back on track.

With intrigue, murder, mayhem, and some humor thrown in for good measure, All of Us were Sophie is a fun read that will keep you involved and waiting for the next moment to happen.  The writing is written in an easy to read style and enough background on the characters is provided without bogging down the story.

All in all, I give All of Us were Sophie by Resa Nelson 5 out of 5 bookmarks.  Even if sci-fi is not your thing, I think you will find this a fun read.

Happy Reading, Dear Bloggites!

~4-Ever, P


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