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Book Review: Hidden Lives by R.W. Ley

Hidden Lives by R. W. LeyHello, Dear Bloggites.  Today’s book review is on my friend’s first book ever released.  As you all know, I love to read the first books by authors and then watch them grow and flourish as writers throughout their career.

The book I am reviewing is called Hidden Lives by R. W. Ley.  This is a Christian Fiction novel.  The storyline is about a woman, Jana Mahoney, who runs a boarding house of sorts in a small town.  The new boarder, Kevin Gilman, brings intrigue into the life of Jana and her children.  While Kevin works to figure out Jana’s story, Jana works on bring him to Christ.

The story is well written for a first time novel.  I was very pleased with the mystery and intrigue R. W. Ley brought into the story.  The characters were all well developed and each one had a back story that was briefly touched on throughout the book.  I was captured right away which I love when reading a book.  The only thing I found that broke up the storyline was the constant interjecting of talking about giving your life to Christ.  I think at points in the book, the conversation between characters broke up the ability to fully delve into the story.  That being said, I loved how R. W. Ley was able to work in talking about Christ within the conversations of the characters.

This novel was hard to find and I know R. W. Ley mentioned that obtaining a copy would be nice.  I want to thank ‘Clay’ wherever he is for putting this book on sale through Amazon to allow me to purchase it.  I will be turning it over to the author because it will be revamped and re-released (hopefully) for all to enjoy since it is hard to find right now. 🙂

All in all, Dear Bloggites, I give Hidden Lives by R. W. Ley 4 out of 5 Bookmarks.  Mark your calendars and notate R. W. Ley’s website and purchase the current novels available until the re-release, if any, of this one.

~4-Ever, P