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Book Review: Living In Italy: The Real Deal by Stef Smulders

living-in-italy-the-real-deal-by-stef-smuldersIf you have not figured it out yet, I love ALL things Italian and it is not just because I am Italian…LOL  I was once again honored by an author, Stef Smulders, asking me if I would mind reading his book Living In Italy: The Real Deal and providing a review for it.  After I stopped jumping up and down, I emailed him back and said I would love to read and review his book.  The author sent me a free copy of the book, so here is my review, Dear Bloggites.

This book is about the author and his husband Nico’s exploits when they transplant their Dutch selves to Italy in order to open a bed & breakfast called Villa “I Due Padroni” and as soon as I opened this book and began reading, I could not put it down!  Oh, my goodness, Stef Smulders is a very talented and snarky author that I felt was a kindred spirit to me and my snarky self!

The challenges faced by Stef and Nico and all the Italians they came into contact with in order to see their dream become a reality made my heart go out to them, but not in a “ooh, I feel so sorry for them” kind of way, but more of a “I love how they handled their challenges and still found humor in it” kind of way.  The book gives a wonderful background on what brought the duo to Italy and how that temporary stay became a full on dream of living there permanently.

The author, Stef Smulders, gave me a copy of the English version of the book.  He has already released it in his home language and (I believe) in Italian and now they are sharing it as an English version for all to enjoy.  One of my bucket list items is to go visit my ancestral homeland of Italy in 2020 and I now have a definite stop and stay on my list, Stef and Nico’s Bed & Breakfast!

The book was written in a very conversational tone and throughout the book, the author added in different Italian phases or words with the description of what it meant without breaking the conversational flow of the book.  One of the greatest things I was pleasantly surprised about was that at the back of the book there was an entire glossary of all the Italian words used in the book and what they meant in English.  It gave me such a new drive to start learning Italian for my future trip.

The only fault I would find in the book was some of the translation aspects added an ‘s’ on the end of some words that were not needed and it ended too soon for my liking. 🙂  I was so invested in this book that I feel I know Stef and Nico and their wonderful dog, Saar.  I hope when I make my trip to Italy, I will enter my ancestral homeland with two friends ready to greet me.

I give Living In Italy: The Real Deal by Stef Smulders 5 out of 5 Bookmarks!  Thank You, Stef and Nico, for entrusting me with the honor of reading and review your book.  I hope I did it justice.

~4-Ever, P