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Book Review: It’ll Be Fine, A True Story by Rebecca Rose

Hello, Dear Bloggites. ūüôā¬† Two reviews in one day…I am on a roll.¬† This book review was at the request of the Author, Rebecca Rose, via an email from¬† As you all know, I love to read and I love to support new, up-and-coming¬†authors.¬† I gladly accepted this request and it took me a bit longer than planned before I could read this book.¬† Life, that ol’ bugger, demanded my focus and I am power reading all the books I have on my list now.

itll-be-fine-a-true-story-by-rebecca-roseThis review is on the non-fiction book, It’ll Be Fine, A True Story.¬† This book is similar to an autobiography/memoir, but is so much more.¬† This book was about an AMAZING Love Story of two hearts, recognizing¬†their counter-point, yearning to unite as one.¬† Not only is this a wonderful love story, it is a wonderful story of a woman working on reaching the next level of her.

The story is about a girl, trudging through life, living the materialistic world of “being the best” and “making the most” at her job yet failing at finding the balance of life and work.¬† Throughout the book, the reader is taken on the journey that the author herself lived.¬† Unlike most autobiographies/memoirs, this book read like a fictional love story that has all the elements of a wonderful book: love, challenges, disappointments, loss, and hope.

It is a factual story about finding inner peace and the struggle that happens to some before inner peace is found.¬† The¬†people in the novel are¬†relatable for any reader and the story itself gives the reader hope and encouragement¬†for their life and the situations they are facing.¬† The format of the story was a timeline format so you¬†do¬†not have the bouncing back and forth of¬†times like so many books are written today.¬† The author did not sugar-coat anything about herself or the other people involved in the story.¬† She literally has¬†held her arms out,¬†hands open,¬†saying, “This is me, all my ugly and beauty, here for you to witness.¬† Be gentle.”

Every¬†writer¬†puts¬†something of themselves in every story they share with the world; this makes them very¬†vulnerable.¬† Writing about a real life event in her life, Rebecca Rose,¬†willingly exposed more of herself than that of a fiction writer.¬†¬†The author is a very brave person to write about something so raw and life changing and I applaud her for it.¬† Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your life with me and the rest of the world. ūüôā

If you want to read a true, life inspiring story, visit Rebecca at her website and learn more about the author and¬†order your copy¬†of It’ll Be Fine today. ūüôā

I give It’ll Be Fine, A True Story¬†by Rebecca Rose 5 out of 5 Bookmarks.¬† Get ready to have your life changed for the better, Dear Bloggites, once you start reading.

~4-Ever, P

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Book Review: The Monster In The Closet and Other Stories by K. Kris Loomis

the-monster-in-the-closet-and-other-stories-by-k-kris-loomisHello, Dear Bloggites.  As you know, I have been working on honing my writing craft this year and one of those goals is to take at least one writing class each month.  One of the best things, aside from learning some new techniques on honing the craft, is getting to meet other writers and authors.  Every person is at a different point in their writing life and this makes for some great connecting and friend building.

In the class I took back in January, I met a wonderful lady who sweetly offered two of her books she has already published to whomever wanted them.  I, of course read the title of one of them and immediately wanted to get that one.  This book review is on that book.

The Monster In The Closet and Other Stories is the title of the book I received from K. Kris Loomis.  This book is different from my normal reviews because it is a book of short stories.  Normally, I do not review short story books but I wanted to provide some feedback to Kris as well as promote a dear writer I had the privilege of getting to know and learning from her in the process.

There were a couple unique characteristics to this short story collection that you normally do not find in other similar works.¬† These two characteristics are: 1. The stories are broken down into five different categories that have three¬†stories each¬†& 2. The stories were written specifically for busy people on the go.¬† You also find that each story has a moral purpose behind it that anyone can learn from.¬† I am going to break this book review up into the different categories in the collection.¬† Here we go, Dear Bloggites. ūüôā

The Park Stories Group: This group of stories all take place in a park of some type.¬† The three stories are titled Lovely Horns, Friday Afternoon, & The King Stomper.¬† In this collection you meet a variety of people who either never met but impacted each other’s lives, had a rocky relationship where communication never went past the surface level,¬†& two people who met online but once the first meeting in person happened a shock was found between the two.¬† I like this set of stories because it reminded me that we should never take people for granted that we have in our lives or who we may share a brief moment in life.¬† Too many times people are so busy moving to the next thing that they forget to stop and appreciate and SEE what is actually right in front of them.¬† You know the old adage, “Stop and smell the rose,”¬†well this set of stories reminds us that not only do the roses smell good, but they also contain a new mystery to be found.

The Café Stories Group: This group of stories all take place in some café.  The three stories are titled Self Improvement, The Gossip Grind, & Backgammon Buddies.  I really was entertained by this group of stories.  In these stories you meet the standard people in the 21st Century who are just sharing space instead of spending quality time due to an obsessive attachment to technology, people sitting around judging others with their gossip while believing they were actually spending some quality time together, and good friends who has one trying to make amends for past wrongs while the other is distracted by the game on the table.  These stories reminds the reader that, no matter how grand technology is, you still have to take the time to cultivate your personal relationships with communication of the lip speaking kind.

The Funeral Home Stories Group: This group of stories take place in funeral homes.¬† The three stories are titled Now at Peace, The Makeup Artist, & Granny Gertrude.¬† This set of stories cover the loss of a parent where the children have to make arrangements, a person that has to prepare a body of a classmate while coming to terms with the past, & a person who learns more about someone after they are dead just by the memories friends share.¬† This set of stories hit near to my heart because I read the book on the six month anniversary of my Dad’s death.¬† The take away you get on this set of stories is to never take life for granted and always live in the now because you never know when someone won’t be there anymore.

The Bus Stories Group: This group of stories take place on a bus.  The three stories are titled Glue It to Your Butt, The Orange Scarf, & Say Something.  This group was a thought provoking read.  When you read this group you meet an unlikely friend who helps someone remember the answers to a test, a unique look in the life of a mother and child from the eyes of an observer, & a life lost too soon.  These stories gave moments to pause and consider situations I came across in my life and I dealt with them.  This set reminds you to be present in the life of others because your presence make be the defining factor on an outcome for someone else.

The Bedroom Stories Group: This group of stories take place in a bedroom (not in a sexual way).¬† The three stories are The Monster In the Closet, Marks on the Ceiling, & The Santa Debacle.¬† This group of stories cover¬†fear of the unknown, feelings of worthlessness, & the extreme measure new parents’ make.¬† This set will definitely give¬†me pause to really assess¬†my life and how¬†I handle situations.¬† It reminds you that nothing is so bad that you cannot find a way to overcome.

Now that I have covered a very brief summary of the tales you will read in this book, I am going to give you my view on how the stories were written.  The author did a wonderful job at creating a realness to each character in such a short block of time.  This is usually hard for writers when dealing with a short piece of work but K. Kris Loomis did a wonderful job and creating well rounded believable characters that the reader can relate to in their life.  The only negative I could find was that I felt the story Say Something did not quite fit with the feel of the other two stories in the group.  I think it would have fit better in a different category even though it did take place on a bus.  Overall, I loved this short story novel and I am grateful that Kris offered it to us to read.  Go visit her website & see other works she has written, as well as, get your copy of this book.

I give The Monster In The Closet and Other Stories by K. Kris Loomis 5 out of 5 Bookmarks.  Go read this book, you will be entertained and enlightened.

~4-Ever, P

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Book Review: Dave! The First Trilogy by Marc Richard

Smarmy, snarky, and silly makes for a great read Every. Single. Time.¬†¬† These words describe my latest¬†book review read, Dear Bloggites.¬† I had the pleasure of receiving a request from Marc Richard to read his Dave! The First Trilogy novel.¬† Marc was a doll and gifted this fun story for free with the most intriguing description.¬† Marc said that the story was described as, “Douglas Adams meets South Park” or “If Christopher Moore had a job at Cartoon Network writing for Adult Swim.”

dave-the-first-trilogy-by-marc-richardI giggled at this story from the get go.¬† The storyline is about some unexpected heroes planning on saving the world in 2030 from the new President “Uncle Mel” Gibson.¬† You have the typical dumb butts that everyone loves even though they are annoying as all get out.¬† You have your lovers who found, lost, and found love with each other in a time of crisis.¬† You have the typical serious type and all the mix in between. ūüôā

Marc Richard does an amazing job at writing each of the main characters with such realness and blunt opinions.¬† Throughout the book, you meet the minds of various people who shamelessly promote Marc Richard’s books and he even does a cameo appearance interacting with those he created.

This novel had some unique points of view from the characters and the author does a great job with helping us feel how they feel with the different situations going on.  The entire story was as if The Three Stooges had a baby with Laurel & Hardy and birthed Dave!  The ridiculousness made this story the most fun reading I have had in a long, long time.  The only negative I could say about the book was how it started out with the email chain mail.  That was funny on its own, but I did not see an easy transformation from the email chats to the real-time world that was going on once we started following the different characters on their quest.

Thank You So Much, Marc, for this fun book.  I LOVED this silly story and I am so sorry it took me so long to finish it due to life getting in the way.  I plan on reading more of your works and will recommend your writing to anyone looking for good, mindless fun in a book.

I give Dave! The First Trilogy by Marc Richard 5 out of 5 Bookmarks.¬† If you love a good laugh and entertaining storyline, this book is for you, Dear Bloggites! ūüôā

~4-Ever, P

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Author Site Up & Running

Hello, Dear Bloggites! ūüôā¬† Now that my website and blog site are talking to each other, I was starting work on my Weekly Email Chats Newsletter for my Author Site,, but I ran into a slight issue.¬† The issue is: “What can I call my readers/followers/network?”¬† Here, I lovingly refer to you all of you as my “Dear Bloggites” but that would be a little weird to continue that pet name for my readers…or would it?

What if I gave a long backstory on how I came up with the term Bloggites and then continue to reference all as such?¬† Currently I reference the readers following my Author site, P. A. Corino, as “Dear Friends” but I want something more unique and amazingly fun to say and read because I consider all my readers/followers/network as my Unique Friends.

Heeeeyyyyy, what about that as a pet name, “Unique Friends”?¬† I think my first poll is taking shape in my mind for my first official Email Chat Newsletter.¬† I am going to brainstorm a variety of names that will tie into me and my sites and let the subscribers vote on their future name from me!¬† THAT IS A GRAND IDEA!!!¬† Thank you, Dear Bloggites, for talking this through with me.

Make sure your voice is heard on what you want me to call you by subscribing to my Weekly Email Chats here.¬† Be sure to check the box or just click on any other page on the website and you will find a handy-dandy subscribe button for you to put your email address in. ūüôā

I am going to sign off for now, Dear Bloggites, and start creating names to vote on.  If you have any special name you would like me to start calling you, just drop a comment below and I will consider the suggestions.  After all, there is only one UberGoofy World of P, and all of you are part of my UberGoofy Journey.

~4-Ever, P

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Poem: Rainbow

A game of hide and seek I play hoping to catch a glimpse today.

Lightning booms, thunder rolls, rain falls down while the sirens toll.

A game of hide and seek I may catch that glimpse today.

Lightning and thunder blow away, the rain eases up and the sirens stay.

A game of hide and seek I play finally caught that glimpse today.


Burleson, TX

January 15, 2017

~4-Ever, P