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Making a Stand

I am an avid Stephen King fanatic. I absolutely do not agree with his political stance, but I love, love, love him as an author. One of his epic works was The Stand. The storyline really relates to our current life situation with Covid-19. We may not be dealing with Capt’n Trips, but we are dealing with something that is quickly sickening and slowly killing people across the country (and world) for the most part.

Well, as in the book, let me apologize if I give anything away for those of you who have not read the book, there comes a time when you have to take a stand (hence the name of the book…LOL). I took my stand and I will continue to Stand and Be True.

I have a lot of health issues dealing with chronic pain, as you all know, Dear Bloggites, however, I have many other symptoms that are a result of the chronic pain, but have become issues on their own within my body. This factor is really compromising my body.

I have said for years I believe I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have not gotten a confirmation from an actual Rheumatologist. On top of that, I am now having pains in my hands that shoot up my arm when I type or move my fingers at times which I believe may be carpal tunnel syndrome.

Last week, I broke down and scheduled a visit with a Rheumatologist for the 13th of this month. I am expecting to hear validation on the Fibromyalgia and then expect him to order x-rays on my hands and arms to see if I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

On top of all that, my hip ablation that I had done to kill the nerves in my hip to alleviate the pain when I walk, sit, or stand for too long, did not work. I think it may have worked for a couple of days in sections of my hip, but the main area that was hurting was not affected.

So, I decided to protect myself and my loved ones regarding the exposure to Covid-19 because dealing with these issues weaken my body which in turn weaken my immune system. I am not going to go into places that put me at risk of catching the virus no matter where the location may be or why I would need to go into someplace.

We must make a change and we all must Stand and Be True to one another in order to defeat Covid-19. I pledge to continue to stand, will you take the pledge and Stand and Be True?

~4-Ever, P


I'm just a goofy outdoor chick who loves to go through life laughing, dancing, writing, and reading books! :-D

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