UberGoofy Me!


cropped-peggy-2-2018I am just a goofy, former outdoor chick who loves to dance and write through life.  My outdoor chick days were removed from my life after suffering a severe and tragic car accident in 2005 that has left me living with a damaged body and Chronic Pain.

Two of my many passions are Dancing and Writing.  I am passionate about Life itself, but my default when I am feeling blue or bored is dancing, writing, and reading.  I am a Proud Closet Nerd and am not afraid to show it!

I freely express my opinions on all topics openly and honestly.  I am proud to be the 1% on many views and welcome the views of the other 99%.  I am very expressive, it is the Italian in me, and usually have my hands talking along with my mouth. 😉 

I have earned the nickname Goofy throughout my life and wear the name well.  I am entertaining to watch for myself, as well as, others because stuff just happens to me.  It is not bad stuff, just funny goofy stuff, heck, even the bad stuff is funny in my world!

I am a writer working my way to being a published author.  I have many writing projects in the works, fiction and non-fiction alike, and love any and all suggestions when it comes to the written word.  If you would like to join my Journey from Writer to Published Author, please sign up for my Email Chat Newsletter and join the adventure.

I enjoy taking risks and am always willing to try something once.  I love living my UberGoofy Life and I embrace every opportunity with intense exuberance and joy. 😀

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