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Free Book Download-Final Day: Water Runs Slowly Through Flat Land by Cliff Jones

Hello, Dear Bloggites.  Today is the last day you can download Cliff Jones’ Water Runs Slowly Through Flat Land for free at

Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff JonesCliff is an Up and Coming Writer and decided to offer his first book for free over the holiday weekend.  Today is the last day to download it.  I did a book review (I believe it was my first) on the book Water Runs Slowly Through Flat Land and I don’t think I gave it much justice (still getting my book reviewer pumps broke in).

If you like to read new authors or are interested in the life of a social media journalist, this book is a good read.  Cliff Jones has worked in the social media journalist field for several years and so his writing comes from a place deep inside him and that place is shared throughout his book.  The good times, the bad times, the slow times, the fast times, and the dangerous times.

Take a moment to share the support and love for writers and especially for Cliff, he deserves it.  I know he has some more books in the works and I, personally, cannot wait to read them.

Happy Reading, Dear Bloggites!

~4-Ever, P

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Book Review: Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff Jones

My last blog was about the new book club I joined and how I was going to jot down my thoughts and opinions on the different books we read each month.  I am going to add an addendum to that statement.  I will also, on occasion, blog on books I really, really think you should read.

Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff JonesMy first book I am going to highly recommend is from a new up and coming star in the world of authors.  His name is Cliff Jones and I am so very privileged to have him as a friend.  He just published his first book back in February, 2015.  The book is called “Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land” and it is based on the marriage of our world and media news.  The story follows an online journalist as he travels into ‘hostile’ territory in search of a story.

I give Water Runs Slow Through Flat Land by Cliff Jones 4 out of 5 Bookmarks!  I read the book and I have the link above for you to go and purchase this book available as an eReader from Kindle.  I believe in supporting new up and coming authors as well as great books and this book is representative of both.  Click the link above, download the book, and happy reading, Dear Bloggites! 

~4-Ever, P