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#BloggiteBits-Dream L.A.R.G.E.

Dream L.A.R.G.E.: Learn something new, Anchor to the goal, Remain focused, Generate your chances, Engage in opportunities

#BloggiteBits-Dream Large
Dream L.A.R.G.E.

For my next installment of the ABCs of encouragement with the #BloggiteBits Campaign I want to challenge you to Dream L.A.R.G.E. throughout life: Learn something new, Anchor to the goal, Remain focused, Generate your chances, & Engage in opportunities.

Learn something new: I am a lifelong student.  I am always in the process of learning something new each day.  The first need, when a person has a dream, is to find out everything they can about the dream they are striving for in their life.  I encourage everyone to learn one new thing a day, especially when you are reaching for a dream in life.  An active brain is a healthy, happy brain.  Challenge yourself and get those brain cells busy.  Dreaming of a specific life for yourself usually entails the need to learn or relearn habits in your daily life.  Go for it, become that inner scholar I know you are!

Anchor to the goal: Ah, the G word.  I am amazed at how many people cringe when they see the word ‘goal’ attached to something they are reading or doing.  To achieve a dream, one must focus on that dream.  To help focus on that dream, you should anchor yourself to the goal.  Be it the end goal or the little goals in between to reach the end goal, anchoring yourself to it helps keep you grounded and working toward the dream you have in life.  It will be challenging at times to keep that anchor in place and many will desire to just let it go, but don’t, Me Matee.  Latch onto that anchor and keep on grounding yourself toward that goal.  You got this, you know you do! Anchor’s away, Me Boy!

Remain focused: This is probably the hardest step when dreaming large in life.  So many distractions, demands, and deterrents cause people to lose focus on a daily basis.  When dreaming large, your focus needs to stay strong on the dream in life.  Whatever tactics you need to use to keep you focused (such as pictures, encouraging quotes, reminders, or the buddy system), put them in place immediately and be sure to refresh the focus daily.  Dreaming is a risk many people do not want to take in life because of the fear of failure.  As long as you continue to focus and strive toward your dream, you are not a failure.  Dreaming large is a risk, but remaining focused will help lessen that risk.  Ready, Set, Focus!

Generate your chances: I know, Dear Bloggites, you are wondering how to do this step.  Well, it is quite easy to do.  Engulf yourself in all things associated with your dream in life.  If you want to become a dancer, start attending classes and going to places that do the type of dancing you want to learn.  Join groups online and peruse your community activities where you live.  With the use of the internet, you have the ability to generate your chances daily.  As you engage in these activities that are associated with your dream in life, you will meet people, hear of opportunities, and before you know it, get the opportunity to do your dream.  Take a chance, worst thing that can happen is you make some new friends with the same interests, but the best things, oh those best things, THEY are what you want!

Engage in opportunities: This step goes hand-in-hand with the one above.  It does you no good if you do not embrace the chance and take the opportunity that is generated for you on the road to your dream in life.  It will be scary and risky, but it will also be exhilarating and fulfilling.  Engage in all opportunities given to you.  Remember, you have the right to dream large in life and even more importantly, you DESERVE it!

~4-Ever, P