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Books: The difference between a Neanderthal and a Reader

I love to read.  I really, really do!

I stand here before you: My Friends; My Co-Workers; My Constant Followers 😉 if there are any of you out there); and Book Readers alike, making a confession that I am a Closet Nerd.

Closet Nerd-my definition that always gives me a giggle-merely means I love to learn and read!

I have been an avid reader from the first of my memories in life. I always have a book near me that I am reading, be it for pleasure, work, or education, I am always reading SOMETHING.

I have had a desire to join a local book club that I can go and discuss a variety of written works with people that have a strong passion and opinion about the books they read.  Today, I found that club. 😀

When I was asked to share why I decided to visit their club, I summed up my reason in a simple sentence, “I have always desired to be a part of a book club and realized aside from a couple or three people in my life, my friends are Neanderthals.”

Now, before all of you get tied up in a fit thinking I am calling you stupid or somesuch thoughts, I am using Neanderthal as my word of choice for non-readers versus readers.

Those who do not like to read, have a hard time reading, or just flat out find it boring (EGAD! I know, but THOSE people exist!), and have no desire to expand their horizons into the world of books are what I call Neanderthals.

Those who do like to read, no matter what challenges they may face (slow reading speed, struggling with the author’s style of writing, etc.), have a desire to expand their horizons into the world of books and I call them Readers.

There is nothing wrong with being a Neanderthal in regards to reading books. I don’t understand your world, but you are a part of mine.

As I continue to expand my horizons with this book club I have been welcomed into, I will give you, My Constant Follower, thoughts on each book and whether I recommend them or not for you to read.

Books are Amazing Things!  I hope you make a choice in regards to reading books, because that choice defines you as a person.

Which do you choose to be: a Neanderthal or a Reader?

~4-Ever, P
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Loving My Life! :-)

Hello, Dear Bloggites!   How have you been?  Long time no Blog…Ha!  I am writing this blog to reflect on all the Great Things in My Life! 🙂

I Love My Life, I really do…I embrace the exuberance I feel from the joy I find in all things. 🙂  I have been Blessed so much in my Life with friends, family, and co-workers…I just am amazed at how wonderful life can be when enhanced by those you love and who love you. 😀

I have been told I can be a bit annoying with my Overly Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Attitude! 🙂 Apparently, some people need happiness in small doses until they full wake up! LOL It is all good though, I love it when they finally wake up or get out of their funk and I see the joy start shining in their eyes.  Always wonderful to see for me.

I have a view on life. I think a person has two choices: 1. go through life crying or 2. go through life laughing and dancing.  Guess which one I do???  I laugh and dance and embrace all things enjoyable! 🙂  I love to laugh and dance and when I find others that like to laugh and dance it becomes one Fabu Party, Baby!!! 😉

I hope everyone has a Wonderfully, Blessed Holiday Season and Merry Christmas to All and To All a Fabu Life!!!!

~4-Ever, P