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We’re Not All That Bad

Amazing sentiment full of truth…this IS a baseball town…with a heart…enjoy!

~4-Ever, P

Goin' To The John

March 31, 2014: Opening Day at Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX.  Fans, excited about the off-season additions of Prince Fielder and Shin Soo-Choo, flocked to the ballpark that those of us in the the know affectionately call The Temple.  And, wow, did they get there early.

It was a 1:05pm (CST) first pitch, but the tailgating was going on long before then – 9am or earlier.

As the masses made their way to the home plate entrance, it appears as if there was a shortage of trash cans for fans to dispose of their cans or bottles before entering the stadium.  So, instead of tossing them to the ground, they took what they probably thought was the safest option: placing the (presumable) empties on a monolith.

Unfortunately, this monolith was erected to honor the Brownwood firefighter Shannon Stone who lost his life in 2011 at the Temple trying to…

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