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Book Review: The Reflections Of Queen Snow White by David Meredith

This book review is a long time coming.  I must first apologize to the author, David Meredith, for not getting this finished a couple of months or so ago.  As many of you know, Dear Bloggites, my Father has been sick and finally breathed his last breath on August 19th after a long battle with multiple ailments.  He is no longer in pain and is in a better place, so I shall continue to honor his life by celebrating it every day of mine. 🙂

The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David MeredithI have received the honor of being asked to read this book (that the author so nicely gifted to me) and provide a review for it by the author himself.  The book is called The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith and it has a very interesting take on what life might have been like after the “happily ever after” stage.

I did not know what to expect of this fantasy fiction when I was asked to review this book.  I, like most all of you, grew up with the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  But how many of you wondered what life was like in the aftermath of the love story we grew up with?  Well, David Meredith, did and he decided to write a wonderful story about what might have been.

The storyline is about Snow White as Queen who was mourning the death of her Dear Prince Charming while on the cusp of their daughter, Raven’s, wedding.  In her despair, Snow White happens to wander into the room that was previously occupied by her step-mother thus stumbling upon the magic mirror.

Throughout the storyline, the author did a wonderful job intertwining the two stories together.  As Snow White is forced to face her fears with the magic mirror, we are continually pulled back into the original storyline of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  The wonderful imagination of the author manages to balance each story together into one continual one, which is a tricky feat for a lot of authors.  Kudos, David! 🙂

While I truly enjoyed the story, I did see many common errors that new authors make when writing their first novel.  With this being David Meredith’s first novel, he did use a lot of unnecessary words to get a point across to the reader, whereas a simple sentence or two would have the same effect.  The prose style writing was enjoyable, but not many people would enjoy such detail found in sections of the novel.  Also, I wish the author would have referenced which dwarf went with the given name Snow White was talking to in the book.  I would have liked to have read, “Erfreut who used to go by Doc in the forest” instead of just the name Erfreut, Snow White’s longtime companion.

Aside from these two items, the storyline kept me interested and I found it a fast read once I got into the storyline after the first few paragraphs.  I loved the personalities and relationships the author created for each character as well as the many trials and tribulations Snow White and Charming faced trying to blend two different royal houses together.

All in all, I give The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith 3 out of 5 Bookmarks!  Keep on tweaking those stories and I will keep on reading, David!  Thank you once again for giving me the honor of reading your first novel.  I look forward to many more to come in the future!

~4-Ever, P

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#BloggiteBits-Rejuvenate F.A.N.C.Y.

Rejuvenate F.A.N.C.Y.: Fantasy escape, Atmospheric retreat, Neurological refresh, Conscious cleanse, Yearn deeply

#BloggiteBits-Rejuvinate Fancy
Rejuvenate F.A.N.C.Y.

Life is too serious.  People have forgotten how to decompress, unplug, and reconnect with themselves.  In this installment of the ABCs of encouragement with the #BloggiteBits Campaign, I am going to suggest some mental release and help you Rejuvenate F.A.N.C.Y. in your mind and life: Fantasy escape, Atmospheric retreat, Neurological refresh, Conscious cleanse, & Yearn deeply.

Fantasy escape: Taking a break from all the demands and seriousness of life is hard.  Your mind needs a reset and one great way to refresh it is to create a fantasy escape for you to go to mentally when life gets to be too much.  I am not talking about anything erotic (unless that’s your thing, I don’t judge 😉 ), what I am talking about is creating a mental escape that will help you relax and decompress.  Your fantasy escape is yours and yours alone.  Everyone is different.  My fantasy escape is imagining myself in a secluded log cabin that faces a lake.  In my fantasy, I imagine myself sitting on my comfy chair in front of the fire reading a good book with a glass of wine on the table and classical music playing in the background.  When I feel too overwhelmed, I just close my eyes for a few minutes and imagine my fantasy escape and just let my body release everything and allow my mind to reset.  Create your own fantasy escape and go to it regularly to keep your mind fresh and clear.

Atmospheric retreat: Another great mind reset is an atmospheric retreat.  This type of retreat is good for your overall well-being as well as your mind.  An atmospheric retreat is where you adjust your environment to help you find the mental and physical comfort of the highest order.  You have all heard the saying “remove yourself from the situation” before, Dear Bloggites.  An atmospherics retreat goes along those lines.  It is a location you have chosen and set up for your own personal escape.  One atmospheric retreat I have is in my bedroom.  From the bedding on the bed to the colors throughout the room, I immediately find my mind and body begin to relax as soon as I walk into the room.  Create your own personal atmospheric retreat that you can go to for immediate reset of the mind and body as soon as you enter into the space.

Neurological refresh: Finding ways to decompress is necessary for all of us.  If we were unable to relax and clear the mind we would all go crazy.  A good mental release you can do to decompress is a neurological refresh.  A neurological refresh is a simple task of changing focus from a stressful demand to something entertaining for the mind.  An entertaining mind refresh is something you enjoy doing.  My neurological refresh I like to do is read a good book.  When I delve into a good book, my mind is able to break away from those stressful demands and enter into the world found in the pages of the book.  Figure out your own neurological refresh, be it reading, watching TV, or going for a walk.  Make sure to allow time to create a mind reset by engaging in your personal neurological refresh.

Conscious cleanse: A conscious cleanse is good for a mind reset.  When you feel overwhelmed by the many decisions you make throughout the day, your mind becomes cluttered and in need for freedom of any decisions for a moment.  A conscious cleanse is just that.  Imagine soft drops falling over your mind washing away all the clutter in the mind.  Even though our minds stay active, you can take a moment and think of nothing.  Sounds funny, but figuring out a technique that can cleanse your conscious to just a blank slate will do wonders for your overall mental health which in turn makes your mind stronger to deal with everyday decisions.

Yearn deeply: As children, we knew the joy of longing and yearning for things we desired.  As adults, we do not find joy in longing and yearning.  Why is that?  Yearning deeply helps us tap into the recesses of our minds.  These recesses help open up our mind’s ability to imagine the unimaginable for our lives.  A final mental reset to utilize when life gets too serious is to yearn deeply for something you desire to do.  Tapping into those deep recesses gives your mind a break from the demands of life and begin to find that joy we used to feel as children.

~4-Ever, P