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Book Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too.¬† They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” ~Stephen King

“I thought you were good Paul…but you’re not good. You’re just another lying ol’ dirty birdy.” ~Annie Wilkes, Misery

Ohh, Stephen King, the one man who will always share my bed until the day I die. ūüôā¬† Have I told you lately that I am a Stephen King Junkie?¬†¬†Borderline obsessive in fact but I am no Annie Wilkes crazy obsessive by any means (for those of you who do not understand the reference to Annie Wilkes, pick up Misery by Stephen King and get acquainted with her). ūüėČ

This book review is on book two of the Bill Hodges Trilogy, Finders Keepers.  I am praying to the Novel Gods that we will continue to visit the life of Det.-Ret. Bill Hodges in future novels to really see how this entire storyline ends: will it be with the good guy or the bad guy showing victorious?  Gets my book nerd panties dancing in a good way!

Finders Keepers by Stephen KingFinders Keepers by Stephen King delves into the world of an obsessed fan over a certain character in a book series of a popular novelist (the obsession is like Annie Wilkes for the character Misery Chastain but ends with severely different results for the author of said books).  In Finders Keepers, the obsessed fan murders the novelist and gets away with it.  Years after the murder takes place the hidden money & unpublished books  that were stolen after the murder are found by a young teenage boy whose life was changed when his dad became one of the victims of the Mercedes Killer who managed to survive his injuries but not able to bounce back on the financial front.

The boy, Pete Saubers, uses the money to help his family by sending a little bit in the mail each month.  The money helps his family bounce back from their financial issues and the novels give Pete hours of enjoyable reading from a literary genius that no longer walked in the world.  Years later, after the money runs out, Pete is faced with the dilemma of how he can now help his sister, Tina, find the money to go to a private school she wants to attend with her friends.  Now a teenager on the verge of graduating, Pete starts looking for a buyer who is willing to purchase the stolen novels while the murderer starts looking for him after finding the hidden trunk empty when he got out of jail for a separate crime.

Bill Hodges is “hired” by Tina to talk to her brother because she is worried he is in some kind of trouble.¬† Tina had her suspicions that the money was coming from Pete but now she is scared that whatever was found with the money is giving her brother a serious fright.¬† Bill once again partners with his haphazard band of helpers (minus one) to assist this frightened young girl and try to¬†help her with the concerns over her brother.

Once again, Stephen King gives us a wonderfully written crime drama mystery with familiar characters that we all grew to love in Mr. Mercedes.  The intensity of the hunt by the killer for his lost treasure he stole will leave you wanting to turn to that last page and read the outcome before finishing the novel. 

I once again sat down and read this novel in one sitting.¬† There was one minor section that dropped the flow of the storyline but not enough to truly damage the overall movement of the novel.¬† I only state this because I don’t want you, Dear Bloggites, getting upset with me for not giving a fully disclosed review. ūüôā¬† The characters that you met in Mr. Mercedes have grown and evolved deeper in Finders Keepers and the tease of the Mercedes Killer in the book will make you join me in praying to the Novel Gods that Stephen King will continue inviting us into the life of Bill and his haphazard band of helpers.

I give Finders Keepers 5 out of 5 Bookmarks and encourage you to read this book, Dear Bloggites.

Happy Reading!

~4-Ever, P