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#BloggiteBits-Give H.O.P.E.

Give H.O.P.E.: Have a loving heart, Offer encouragement, Praise successes, Empower a belief in others

#BloggiteBits-Give Hope
Give H.O.P.E.

Do you sometimes feel this world can beat down a person enough that they lose hope?  Do you find yourself wishing that sometimes, instead of all the negativity being spewed forth to people, someone would break through with some kind of encouraging information that gives you hope in the future?  Did you realize that you can do your part to help others find hope?  In this installment of the ABCs of encouragement with the #BloggiteBits Campaign, I want to encourage you to Give H.O.P.E. to others: Have a loving heart, Offer encouragement, Praise successes, & Empower a belief in others.

Have a loving heart: One of the things lacking in this world is a loving heart toward others.  People are so quick to harden their hearts toward that which they do not understand that they do not realize that they may be missing out on one of the greatest relationships that enter into their life.  A good way to help in the fight against the negativity in this world is to have a loving heart toward others.  When you come into contact with someone that, on the surface, seems like you have nothing in common with, instead of closing off your heart and turning away from that person, open up your loving heart and make an effort to get to know the person.    I guarantee you, Dear Bloggites, you will find at least one thing in common with that person and that one thing can grow into so much more for both of you.  When I am walking around and see someone struggling, I go to them and ask if there is anything I can do even if it is just providing an ear willing to listen to their plight.  By doing this simple act, I am giving them hope by showing a loving heart to them.  Giving hope to someone is as simple as having an open, loving heart and making an effort to learn who they are and what they are about.

Offer encouragement: This world is such a ‘me’ society that people do not stop to think of offering an encouraging word to someone else.  A second way you can give hope to someone is to offer simple words of encouragement.  When you are walking down the street or through a store and you see someone, say a simple, “Hello! I hope your day turns into the wonderful day you hoped it would be.”  Cheesy, maybe; but I do this on a regular basis and it is amazing to watch people just stop and stare at me as I continue to walk on.  I also notice they turn with a little smile on their face and go about their day.  THAT makes my day!  I believe I can change the world one person at a time and I know you can too!  Give hope to the next random person you see.  Put your own splash of energy and life into it and watch how that offer of encouragement turns into a small ripple effect that will flow out into the world.  Yeah, offering encouragement is a big way to give hope to someone.

Praise successes: Think back on a time when you did something that brought you praise from another, even if it was just a simple, “Atta Boy!” praise.  How did it make you feel?  Pretty good, right?  Now, think back on the last time you gave praise to someone.  Did you struggle with finding the last time you did it?  Most people will struggle to think back on the last praise they gave to someone.  Don’t feel bad, it is all part of the ‘me’ society we live in.  Remember how good you felt when you received praise and make an effort to praise someone’s successes so they can feel just as good as you did.  I take great pleasure in seeing other’s succeed.  I am usually the biggest cheerleader out there for people and their successes.  Seeing people feel pride in an accomplishment they worked hard for and watching their happiness overflow from the praise they received gives me great joy.  Make an effort to praise successes in others, no matter how big or small, your praise will go a long way in giving hope to people in this world.

Empower a belief in others: Empower others with a belief in themselves is hard to do in this negative world we live in.  People get so beat down with negativity that they have a hard time realizing they have a right to believe in themselves.  Showing others you believe in them will help empower them to believe in their abilities to succeed in life.  I always try to let people know I believe in them and the task they are trying to accomplish.  I feel by doing all the things above: have a loving heart, offer encouragement, and praise successes, it all helps a person empower a belief internally that will validate my belief in them.  Make an effort to empower others with belief, that belief helps give hope to a person that changes them internally which will show externally to the world around them.

~4-Ever, P