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#BloggiteBits-Happy H.E.A.R.T.

Happy H.E.A.R.T.: Humble appreciation, Experience new things, Accept others, Reach goals, Transform your thinking

#BloggiteBits-Happy Heart
Happy H.E.A.R.T.

Are you happy where you are in life?  Does your heart feel full of love and appreciation?  Your heart mood determines your overall outlook, did you know that?  In this installment of the ABCs of encouragement with the #BloggiteBits Campaign, I am going to help you understand exactly what a heart mood is and help you find your Happy H.E.A.R.T. which will improve your overall outlook in life: Humble appreciation, Experience new things, Accept others, Reach goals, & Transform your thinking.

Humble appreciation: Your heart mood is the driving force behind your emotional state when dealing with others.  Having a humble appreciate for everything you have in your life is one step in having a happy heart each day.  Many people feel they are entitled to things without working for it and so their hearts lack any humble humility.  These entitled people are hard to get along with because they treat everyone as if they are beneath them.  Humbling oneself and learning to have an appreciation for all the things in your life, from the little to the big, you will find that your heart mood is more pliable and willing to have understanding for others.

Experience new things: As a lifelong learner, I am all for experiencing new things.  Your heart mood is more playful and insightful when you are engaging in new things to experience.  Everyone enjoys learning new things, especially if it is something they pick themselves.  Experiencing new things helps keep the heart happy and feeling playful and light.  We all feel successful when we learn a new activity.  Those who stay in a routine that never changes feel stagnant and bored.  The heart does not thrive in a stagnant environment.  Go out and challenge yourself by experiencing new things, you will find that your heart will feel better.

Accept others: Accepting others is a challenge for many.  We have become a skeptical, guarded society and that mental environment makes it hard to accept others.  When you begin to accept others, your heart mood will start changing in a more positive, happy way.  Releasing yourself to open up and accept others helps lift an unseen burden this world has programmed us with.  Break through the standard mentality and take a chance, your heart will be happier for it.

Reach goals: We have all experienced the feeling of accomplishment when we reach some long goal set for ourselves.  Reach for goals in life.  You will find that working toward a goal will help you find a purpose to get up and move in the morning.  A happy heart loves to feel the accomplishment of reaching a planned goal.  The goals do not always have to be big.  Reaching for smaller, more obtainable goals will continue to keep your heart mood overflowing with successful accomplishments.

Transform your thinking: Transforming your thinking means break away from the status quo thinking.  Stop the skeptical, guarded thinking and start looking at the world with the eyes of a babe, full of wonderment and joy.  When you transform your thinking your heart will feel much more open to opportunities which in turn make your heart feel happy.  Look to each new day as an opportunity to discover new and exciting things.  I promise your transformed thinking will open up a whole new world.

~4-Ever, P