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Life As I Know It

Hello, Dear Bloggites!!! 🙂  Long time, no blog, eh?  I remember stating a few blogs ago that I was going to try and blog at least once a week…so far…not doing so well…Ha! 😉

Life is an enjoyable thing to me.  I love living and knowing that every day when I wake up a new adventure awaits my trouble-maker hands…LOL Most of the time I do not have to search out the trouble, it just finds me, but sometimes I do wander down a path that will take me to trouble…WHAT?…I am human, you know!…or I was last time I checked…not a Zombie just yet. 😉

I just wanted to say that Life As I Know It is constantly changing…the life I know is on a whirlwind of twists and turns and loops and drops and climbs…just a Fabu Ride, Baby! 🙂  I am just holding on and rolling with the punches…you know the ones, cherry, limeaide, black cherry, grape…those punches…:-D

Well, Life As I Know It is ever changing and I am Loving Every Minute of IT!!! 

~4-Ever, P

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Feeling Feisty

Hello, Dear Bloggites, I am feeling feisty today! 😉  I was sitting here at home, bored out of my mind because I actually found down time, and decided to give in to the curiosity bug.  My good friend, Mary (say Hi, Mary!), is always talking about this one site where she connects with old and new friends.  This site seems to have opened a fun and interesting world for her and I just wanted to know what all the hype was about.

So, me, being me, decided to open an account on this site….I know…trouble, trouble, trouble, especially with me feeling feisty! 😉  I open this account, and within seconds, I have all these notifications and messages…it was a major ego boost I am telling you! LOL

Several of these guys are in my area of town…hmm…trouble, trouble, trouble…and one even offered to come over to my place and help me figure out the site…yeah…okay…raincheck, dude! LOL What he does not know is NO ONE knows where I live and there is a reason for that…I have my son and my brother and sister-in-law who live with me and I do not mix my social life with my family life…just don’t do it…so don’t ask to find out where I live because I won’t tell you. 🙂

This site is very fun and the people I have met so far seem rather nice…some are just friendly, some are just flirty, some are just horny, and some are just liking my profile picture….Ha!  I am pretty sure I am going to enjoy this site and I know my ego definitely does!

Well, Toodles for now, until next time, have an UberGoofy Day!

~4-Ever, P

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Blogging-Self-Centered or Sharing???

So, my BFF, Tracy, and I were having a discussion the other night. I made the statement that when I am away from people I believe they do not give me a second thought after she stated that she felt people talked about her and her weight as soon as she was gone.

After my statement, she said I was full of BS, because, if I felt no one thought about me when they are away from me I would not have a blog….so I started thinking about this.

I started this blog because of requests I received from some friends who asked me to start one so they could keep up with my crazy life…so I was bored one day and created it. Now, I blog because I have thoughts up in my brain that I have no one around to share with at that moment.

I do not think my blogging is from a self-centered stand point but from a sharing stand point. Now, if no one reads the blogs I guess it is a mote point….LOL, however, this conversation the other day with the BFF has prompted me to put this into writing.

So I now ask you, Dear Bloggites, do I seem self-centered in my blogs or do I seem like I am sharing a thought I felt others might enjoy reading?

~4-Ever, P

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Decisions, Decisions with a Salad on the Side

In life you may come to a fork in the road….how many times, Dear Bloggites, have I heard that one? I say, how come we cannot come to a spoon in the road? Or even a knife?

When faced with the proverbial fork, people are expected to make a decision. Depending on the decision that is made, they will either go left or right. So what if it was a spoon?

When faced with a spoon in the road, a decision can be made, not to go left or right, but to slide up and down the sides of the spoon always to land in the middle then do it again. Yet, how about that knife?

When faced with a knife in the road, you have the option to take the smooth side or the sharp side with risks. No matter which side you chose, you will still be moving in a forward momentum.

I am at that proverbial set of silverware right now. No matter what decision I make, be it fork, spoon, or knife, I know one thing for sure, Dear Bloggites, I will always end up on top.

So I say to you, Dear Bloggites, grab that silverware set and strive forward with faith, hope, pride, and confidence….and remember….don’t forget that salad on the side…what else are you going to eat with the proverbial silverware set?!

So, to quote one of my favorite childhood fables…spit, spot, spout….this tale is told out! 😀

~4-Ever, P

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Burned My Mouth

So I decided that I and my best friend, Tracy, needed to get away from life for a bit and so we went out to lunch together. That is great, we decide to go to Applebee’s because I wanted some fried cheese.

We get to the restaurant, get seated, and our waitress comes to see us and we order our drinks and I got my fried cheese ordered, Yeah!! So about 20-30 minutes goes by and still no fried cheese. Finally it gets there, we eat.  Another 15-20 minutes goes by then our waitress came and took our order.

Now, I must make a side note here, I am a VERY, VERY picky eater and am very specific about what I get on my plate. I read the food choices and chose a good meal-grilled shrimp with island rice. Nothing noted on anything other than those two things-PERFECT!

She takes our orders, 30 or 40 minutes goes by and our food finally gets there. Well, lo and behold, my shrimp has some sort of glazed sauce on it. Okay, I will deal, right, it is grilled shrimp, nothing was mentioned about the sauce on top of it in the menu, how bad is it…probably just a sweet glaze to add to the taste…

Well I get the first shrimp off the skewer and cut the tail off then took the bite…OMG! I about puked with the flavor of the sauce…it tasted like some sort of Cajun seasoning-I DON’T DO CAJUN! I force myself to hold my stomach and eat that piece of shrimp.

Now my mouth is on fire…I am guzzling down a glass of Pepsi to stop the fire that is igniting in my mouth from the sauce. Tracy looks at me and gets this look on her face. I say, “They have some kind of hot seasoning on this shrimp.” I said it tasted like some sort of Cajun seasoning and my mouth is on fire…I am imagining smoke ensuing from my ears like the old cartoons of Elmer Fudd.

So Tracy, being the ever wonderful best friend that she is, takes one and tries it. She agrees with me on the flavor it is a spicy sauce.

I push the plate away because now I am sick to my stomach. I said, “I am not eating this crap.” She said to ask for the manager or order something else. I said I just wanted another glass of Pepsi to try and kill the inferno in my mouth.

The waitress comes back around and asks if there is a problem. So I proceed to tell her there is a spicy sauce on my shrimp and I ordered my food with the expectations of what the menu said-grilled shrimp and island rice. So she asks if she could get me something else. I say no I will just not eat anything else. So she sends the manager to our table.

Then the manager comes over and apologizes and offers to bring me something else because I came to the restaurant to eat and not leave hungry. I said I was fine I had the fried cheese and she offered some grilled shrimp with nothing on it, I said that is what I thought I was getting…so I say yes and asked for the other glass of Pepsi that I still have not received-I swear my tongue has to have burned completely away from the fire in my mouth by now.

So a few minutes later I get my Pepsi and she brings me some grilled shrimp with nothing on it and some more rice. I take one bite from the shrimp and look at Tracy and say, “I cannot eat this, I have lost my appetite.” So I wind up taking the shrimp and rice home with me.

Well on a good note, after the two hours or more of being at the restaurant (it seemed), my bill that should have been around $20 bucks was only $8. Coolness.

Now, as I end this blog for the night, Dear Bloggites, I am glad to report the inferno that burned my tongue off is out and I can feel the tongue again…thank God for small favors!

~4-Ever, P

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UberGoofy World of P

Well I have finally done it. People keep asking me if I have a blog, people keep telling me to create a blog…apparently people think other people want to experience the UberGoofy World of P!  LOL

What can I say?  I am an outdoor chick who loves to ballroom dance.  That is me in a nutshell.  I love life and life loves me.  I embrace all that is thrown at me and sit back and enjoy the ride.

I know invite you to join me on my fun adventures as I journey through this life.  Come.  Sit.  Put your feet up.  Grab a drink and enjoy the ride! 🙂

~4-Ever, P