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#BloggiteBits-Joyful M.I.N.D.

Joyful M.I.N.D.: Master positive thoughts, Inner peace with oneself, Nourish the brain, Delight in life

#BloggiteBits-Joyful Mind
Joyful M.I.N.D.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, would you agree, Dear Bloggites?  Have you ever noticed that negative thoughts waste away your mind and in turn waste away your joy and happiness with life?  The things you allow to fester in your mind and thoughts tend to come out in all aspects of your life.  Negative thoughts and mindset cause a person to respond to people and things in a negative way.  The reverse is also true, positive thoughts and mindset cause a person to respond to people and things in a positive way.  In this installment of the ABCs of encouragement with the #BloggiteBits Campaign, I am going to give you some tips on how to have a Joyful M.I.N.D. which will change your mindset to the positive each day: Master positive thoughts, Inner peace with oneself, Nourish the brain, & Delight in life.

Master positive thoughts: In order to have a joyful mind, you need to master the art of positive thinking.  This is a hard thing to do for some because it is always easiest to focus on the negative, but if you intentionally force yourself to throw out those negative thoughts and immediately find something positive in a situation, you will begin to master the art of positive thinking.  If you train yourself to master positive thoughts you will find that your outlook will be much more hopeful and joyful.  Train your mind to find the positive in every situation and you will train yourself to be a positive person.

Inner peace with oneself: Believe it or not, most people are not comfortable in their own skin and mind.  There is so much busyness in the world that people have not learned to be comfortable with oneself in the quiet moments.  Find ways and techniques to learn to have inner peace with oneself and you will find that life does not seem so bleak.  Having inner peace helps settle your mind and when your mind is settled you are able to allow joy to enter in.  How wonderful to find joy just from finding a way to be comfortable in your own skin and mind.

Nourish the brain: Nourishing the brain is when you feed your thoughts only with positive, happy information.  I love scary movies and books (hello, Stephen King is my favorite author), however, the thoughts I allow to enter into my mind are only positive, life affirming ones.  You are worthy of self-affirmation and you should strive to nourish the brain with thoughts that bring joy into your mind.  Remember, just like a body that thrives on healthy, good foods, your mind also thrives on healthy, good thoughts.

Delight in life: I give you permission to say, “Realistic living be damned!” and instead say, “I will delight in my dreams and imagination through life!”  Delight in all that life throws at you, be it good or bad, you can always find that quirky, silver lining that will bring you joy.  People think that when they “grow up” they have to shed all their childhood wonderment they found in life.  I am telling you today, you do not have to lose that childhood wonderment that brought joy to your life.  Finding the delightful things in your everyday life will bring joy to your mind, body, and soul.

~4-Ever, P