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Book Review: Anti-Social Media by Kate Beth Heywood

“What a sad state of affairs when I think of a fat pigeon as a friend.” ~Constance (in Kate Beth Heywood’s Anti-Social Media novel)

Anti-Social Media by Kate Beth HeywoodAs all of you know, I love learning of new writers and strive to read at least their debut novel to promote them.  Today’s book review is on a novelist that is a fellow blogger and writer.  Her name is Kate Beth Heywood and the book I am going to review is her debut novel called Anti-Social Media.

After reading a few of Kate Beth Heywood’s blog posts, I decided to give her book a whirl.  I am so glad that I did!  The book is written about an aspiring scriptwriter named Constance.  The quote above is a good example of the quirky personality of the character.  Constance decided one day that she was done with living life in a “normal” 9 to 5 work day and quit her job (against all odds) to pursue her dream of being a scriptwriter.

In the book, Anti-Social Media, you will find humor in each character and the all-knowing pull of social media and how it impacts people’s lives, be it positive or negative.  Due to an accidental follow by a current popular actress on Twitter, Constance is all of a sudden thrown into a world of high publicity all over the social media world.  This attention causes a lot of pressure and stress on Constance.

While Constance realizes the great opportunity this attention could give her, she also realizes the negative impact the social world has in a person’s life.  Anti-Social Media by Kate Beth Heywood is a great and easy read.  The novel is written well for the most part.  As all new aspiring writers go, Kate Beth Heywood did a wonderful job with characters that were multi-dimensional with only minimal sentence errors.  The author has an uncanny ability to fill the pages in her book with real life characters that suffer from the same weaknesses we all do in life when it comes to our abilities, challenges, opinion of others, and just life in general.

This is a definite read for all types in the world.  Each person will be able to relate to the challenges of social media in the storyline as well as the impact social media has in our lives on a daily basis.  Before the creation of the internet and social media, people only had to deal with their actual peers they met in person throughout their lives; however, in the world of social media, people have to deal with not only their peers they see in person, but an entire world of unknown faces that live their lives to destroy others because they have nothing better to do or because it gives them an ill-gotten sense of judgement over those they attack online.

I give Anti-Social Media by Kate Beth Heywood 5 out of 5 Bookmarks, Dear Bloggites!  Go order yourself a copy today.  Kudos, Kate Beth Heywood, I look forward to your next novel! 🙂

~4-Ever, P