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Book Review: It’ll Be Fine, A True Story by Rebecca Rose

Hello, Dear Bloggites. ūüôā¬† Two reviews in one day…I am on a roll.¬† This book review was at the request of the Author, Rebecca Rose, via an email from¬† As you all know, I love to read and I love to support new, up-and-coming¬†authors.¬† I gladly accepted this request and it took me a bit longer than planned before I could read this book.¬† Life, that ol’ bugger, demanded my focus and I am power reading all the books I have on my list now.

itll-be-fine-a-true-story-by-rebecca-roseThis review is on the non-fiction book, It’ll Be Fine, A True Story.¬† This book is similar to an autobiography/memoir, but is so much more.¬† This book was about an AMAZING Love Story of two hearts, recognizing¬†their counter-point, yearning to unite as one.¬† Not only is this a wonderful love story, it is a wonderful story of a woman working on reaching the next level of her.

The story is about a girl, trudging through life, living the materialistic world of “being the best” and “making the most” at her job yet failing at finding the balance of life and work.¬† Throughout the book, the reader is taken on the journey that the author herself lived.¬† Unlike most autobiographies/memoirs, this book read like a fictional love story that has all the elements of a wonderful book: love, challenges, disappointments, loss, and hope.

It is a factual story about finding inner peace and the struggle that happens to some before inner peace is found.¬† The¬†people in the novel are¬†relatable for any reader and the story itself gives the reader hope and encouragement¬†for their life and the situations they are facing.¬† The format of the story was a timeline format so you¬†do¬†not have the bouncing back and forth of¬†times like so many books are written today.¬† The author did not sugar-coat anything about herself or the other people involved in the story.¬† She literally has¬†held her arms out,¬†hands open,¬†saying, “This is me, all my ugly and beauty, here for you to witness.¬† Be gentle.”

Every¬†writer¬†puts¬†something of themselves in every story they share with the world; this makes them very¬†vulnerable.¬† Writing about a real life event in her life, Rebecca Rose,¬†willingly exposed more of herself than that of a fiction writer.¬†¬†The author is a very brave person to write about something so raw and life changing and I applaud her for it.¬† Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your life with me and the rest of the world. ūüôā

If you want to read a true, life inspiring story, visit Rebecca at her website and learn more about the author and¬†order your copy¬†of It’ll Be Fine today. ūüôā

I give It’ll Be Fine, A True Story¬†by Rebecca Rose 5 out of 5 Bookmarks.¬† Get ready to have your life changed for the better, Dear Bloggites, once you start reading.

~4-Ever, P